Airco Caravan

Most important reason for Airco Caravan to attend the academy of arts, was the chance of making silkscreens. But once started the study, there appeared to be no silkscreening equipment at all. So Airco tried several other techniques and computer art before finally rediscovering the silkscreen many years later. It was as if a dream came true.

Silkscreening was exactly what was needed to express Airco's vision of the world. In simple colourful images one has to get to the bare essence. Only strong visuals keep their power. After experimenting with all kinds of paper surfaces, Airco started printing on fabrics. Combinations of surface and image lead to intriguing pieces of art.

Airco Caravan is always looking for the edge. Exploring the boundaries of sweetness and hardness. Power and freedom. Religion and emancipation. Free choice and oppression. Peace and violence. Exploring the friction between the two. At what point the balance tends to one side, or to the other?

The works are sometimes iconographic, sometimes almost pop art like. At first sight they look sweet and harmless. But despite the vibrant colours, they're a bit disturbing too. It's up to the viewer to discover the hidden question.

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