ZHAN Project (2005)

While I was living in Barcelona I heard that CAMPER was looking for young designers to join their design studio in Mallorca.

As I didn't have any shoes designed within my portfolio I decided to develop a project that would follow the company's Philosophy while giving it an added value.

Traveling and storage was the main focus on the project.

The result is a pair of shoes that incorporates an assembly system in its soles, solving the problem of carrying them while travelling; storing them when you don't have enough space in your room and even exhibiting them in stores.

The possibilities of assembly are almost endless.

The project presented here shows only one of the many possible systems.

Shoes can be assembled sideways by straight rails; with positive and negative 'check board' like soles assembled as puzzle, etc.

As the solution is only applied on the soles, any kind of shoe can be developed with this system (men's shoes, women's, kids, sport, etc.) giving us the opportunity to explore and enrich this project even more.

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