Agnes van Dijk

The passion to make things myself was an early one. As a child I was constantly busy wit hall kinds of craftworks and as a teenager I started to invent and make my own clothes. From the age of sixteen I received private lessons from a professional very skilled tailor. Soon I was able to draw patterns and I mastered the many tricks of the couture profession. Around the age of forty, in addition to work and family, I started a studie at the Academy of Arts. I developed being an alround fashion artist and founded my own company in 2012: distinctive and professional.

With my creative ability, fantasy and technical skills, I translate ideas that seem impossible into unique creationsa of unusual materials. The research and experiment that precedes the making of a design is crucial fort he creative process, because I experience the importance of thinking without limits, in crossways and connectivity. In the context of beautiful structures and conciousness about our environment. I investigate how  perishable materials can be made sustainable in a environmentally friendly way. This results in, for example, special creations of mandarin peels, eggshells, cabbage leaves, orchids, fish skin, sunflower seeds, horns and seaweed. All this designs last for many, many years and reflect my interest in art, culture, entertainment, nature and sustainability. And there is more to come…

Photo by Lies Vogelzang.

By Agnes van Dijk

Sea urchin

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