Paper pump

Adriana Teldaldi

Create a shoe but from extraordinary and utterly unexpected materials. This was the brief given to four different artists for the new advertising campaign for GDS March 2012. And the creative results are indeed both individual and extraordinary.

A new shoe fashioned out of old newspaper cuttings was Adriana Teldaldi’s idea, which she realised as a diploma project for her graphic design studies. “News and information – alongside the actual creative process – decisively determine the development of trends also in the footwear industry,” explains the young Scotswoman who actually hails from Aberdare near Newport. “This style is a British one-off piece featuring news from my home town; a reflection, as it were, of one day but by no means as ephemeral as yesterday’s newspaper.” Beyond this, the design also toys with the contrast between hard facts and an airy, fashionable sense of fun – as evidenced by the sophisticated heel decoration that gives this shoe that certain something. “I love shoes and am very interested in fashion,” says Adriana Teldaldi, adding “I therefore allow myself to be surprised and inspired by unusual creations.”

© Agentur Feuerland, photo Ernst Alexander

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