Miles and Miles #10:29.5 pairs

Erik Cox

Part of the series ‘Miles and Miles’, 2015.

In this series, called ‘Miles and Miles’, Erik lets the shoe soles weave the tapestry of all these walkers’ stories.

Erik Cox: “A few years ago, I put notes in people’s mailboxes in my neighbourhood, with the text ‘please donate old shoes for an artist’s project’. I didn’t get many reactions, but I knew that I wanted to do something with cast off shoes. I didn’t know then exactly what the project would be.” Erik is now working on a series of paintings made – literally – of worn shoe soles. What fascinates him is their contact with the Earth, the many kilometres the shoes travelled together, each pair showing its particular pattern of wear, its unique footprint.

Material: acrylic and rubber on linen.

Size: 100 cm x 140 cm, 17 kg.

© Erik Cox

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